Bride and Groom Portrait Kahala Resort Lobby

Bride getting into Vera Wang Gown

SU-V Florist

Cartier Engagement Ring

Daniel getting ready

Bride getting into Vera Wang Luxe Wedding Gown

Groom getting into Tux

Tiffany Wedding Gifts

Bridal in her Vera Wang Luxe Wedding Gown

Groomsmen Group Portrait Kahala Resort Lobby

Vera Wang Hawaii

Bridesmaids Group Portrait Kahala Lobby

Heather and Daniel Portrait Kahala Hotel and Resort

Vanity Fair Style Wedding Group Portrait

Wedding at Central Union Church

Ready Room at Central Union

Groom before Ceremony at Central Union Church

1660 South Beretania Street

Central Union Church Weddings

Love Never Faileth

Grand Wedding at Central Union

Oahu Church Wedding

Central Union Wedding Overview

Central Union Recessional

Bride and Groom walking in Central Union Church

Church in a Garden

After the Wedding Ceremony

Father of the Bride

Bride Congratulations

Limo Ride back to Kahala Resort

Exiting Limo

Kahala Hotel and Resort

5000 Kahala Avenue

Kahala Resort Wedding Reception

Leading Hotels Wedding

Bridal Bouquet by SU-V

Flowers by SU-V

Bridal Photo Kahala Lobby

Evening Portrait Bride and Groom

Kahala Resort Wedding Reception

Bride and Groom head to Reception

Kahala Wedding Cake

First Dance at Kahala Reception

Luxury Reception

Daniel removing garter from Heather

Bridal Portrait

Vera Wang Luxe at Kahala Hotel and Resort

Korean Wedding Ceremony at Kahala Resort and Hotel

Traditional Korean Wedding Ceremony

Korean Wedding Ceremony Hawaii

Korean Wedding Honolulu Hawaii

Korean Wedding Honolulu

Derek Wong Photography Korean Wedding

Korean Wedding Photos


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