2020 was supposed to be one of the biggest years for weddings.

A pandemic changed that.

George and Kelli braved the pandemic to mark their union at the Outrigger Canoe Club. As a wedding and portrait photographer, I frequently enter people’s lives to capture important life events, but a pandemic changed all of that. A pandemic changed the way that people relate to each other, changed the way that we mark unions, births and passings, and changed the way we go through the business of life. I was fortunate to photograph this couple (masked and socially distanced), and I never felt more elated. This wedding shoot made me realize a few things: that we have to adapt to constantly changing conditions, nothing in life is guaranteed, but that joy can still be found during tough times. I am grateful for the time spent documenting this couple’s wedding as an image was created forever that can bring back a smile and a laugh, a distant memory and connection brought back to life.

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